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The Pick: SGaWD teams up with Ronehi on 'Telfar' to once again show her range

Our Song Of The Week!

SGaWD’s superpower is her versatility. Through each of her releases, she’s made sure to show her dynamic range, adaptability and a staunch willingness to constantly explore. She’s never one to be boxed in. On 2020’s “Like Me”, her lush debut, she delicately croons alongside frequent collaborator Jess ETA, over a slow, sensual beat. On her next drop “Feel Right”, she merged the best of her abilities, rapping and singing over a pensive beat like a seasoned veteran.

On Savage Bitch Juice, her debut project, and one of the best in the year of its release, she’s afforded more space and time to show just how vast her range is, singing soulfully and slipping in and out of tight rap flows over various beats. On “Rude”, one of the project’s major standout moments, she employs a sing-rap flow, manoeuvring through tight pockets over a bouncy beat. On the follow-up track, “Woogy”, she switches style, singing softly over an entrancing psychedelic production. Elsewhere on “POPSHIT”, the lead single, she’s livelier, trading bars with Somadina over Trill Xoe’s booming drums.

On “Telfar”, her latest release with producer Ronehi, she’s once again showing she can flow on pretty much anything. Here, she’s sliding and gliding over Ronehi’s Hip-hop influenced four-on-the-floor beat. She says it best on the track: “bitches is sick i’m gliding on beats”. She has this unique ability to sound smooth and natural on just about any beat. Theme wise, it’s classic Seddy: she’s assertive and braggadocious, claiming lames her trying to jack her style and run her race. She’s only got one thing to say to them: “I’m supreme queen mother shit and youse my fucking child”.

Even though she’s partly belligerent, she manages to combine her fury with sweetness, interjecting her raps with a sticky sweet hook. SGaWD is multi-talented, blending her immense talent with bravado on just about any beat. On the opening line of the song she asks “Who killed the rhythm like me?” No one Seddy, no one.

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